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Items may be sent to you blessed as our gift to you.

If you wish to donate a different amount for a blessed item, please use donate button and submit the package number or name and the amount you would like to donate plus shipping amount of $10 and we will ship out blessed items under the direction  of our Spiritual Director. 

Our cost of goods runs about 40 to 50% of the suggested donation this does not include our labor of love putting the packages together. Shipping runs $8-25.00 for Priority. If your shippjng comes to more than that we refund what we can.

All proceeds go to Gregorian Masses for our www.sossaveoursouls.com list of souls. But our main desire is for devout Catholic homes to have the sacramentals we offer. 

Email us for a shipping quote BEFORE placing international orders. We will always try and find the most economical method!!

We ship 2-3 buisness days from order date.

We are blessed to be able to offer an amazing and powerful assortment of Sacramentals. 

All items receive the Exorcism Blessing. 


All Prayer Packages Books Metals, Chains and Prayer Card Blessed Salt Candles Donation Out of Stock Special Prayer Cards While Supplies Last