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St. Benedict Package


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St. Benedict a patron saint of many wonderful protections!

Before we ship them we will have all 7 St. Benedict items blessed with a "Benedictine Exorcism Blessing" by our Catholic Priest as our gift.

  • One St. Benedict Rosary
  • Four Jubilee Medals
  • Two St. Benedict Prayer Cards
  • One Stainless Steel Chain
  • One Blessed Pure Beeswax Candle
  • Pack of Blessed Wooden Matches
  • ONE Package Blessed Salt

The feast day of Saint Benedict is July 11th.

Medals are Silver Plate -- 1 1⁄2" H

St. Benedict a patron saint of many wonderful protections!

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Benedict of Nursia St. Benedict of Nursia

Benedict of Nursia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

St. Benedict's reputation for wisdom, holiness and miracles spread. People began coming to him for guidance and to follow in his prayerful way of life. As a result, he founded twelve monastic communities. St. Benedict himself did not stay with these new communities. Instead, in 529 he moved to the mountains in southern Italy. The new monastery was near Cassino, Italy so it was called Monte Cassino. He spent the rest of his life at Monte Cassino. It was here that he formed his ideas for how to live in community and wrote his famous "Rule". St. Benedict's work has earned him the title "Father of Western Monasticism".

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