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Bless This Home


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Bless your home regularly.


This package contains 5 powerful blessed sacramental's priest, saints and visionaries recommends using in your home on a regular basis. and for Three Days of Darkness

  • TWO Blessed beeswax candle.
  • FOUR Blessed St. Benedict Medals. Blessed by Benedictian Priest with exorcism blessing.
  • ONE 3 oz Exorcism Water spray bottle with free special mix of Holy Water.
  • Approximatly 1/2 pound of Exorcism salt.
  • ONE1/3 oz of Exorcism olive oil.
  • Now Included FREE
  • Blessed with Exorcism Blessing Rosary
  • One blessed St Joseph Medal
  • One blessed Miraculas Medal and Prayer card
  • St Michael Medal and Prayer Card
  • Misc Prayer Cards including Apostalic Pardon

"Get into the habit of keeping some holy water in your home for periodic cleaning and blessing of your home."

"Blessed salt and blessed olive oil are other tools of cleaning and cooking"

"All three basically do the same job, only some may be more durable than others....

"Blessed elements are not another form of superstition; they are the simple use of concrete signs to usher in the invisible life of God. God has always functioned that way - recognizing our concrete bodily nature and its need of concreteness. Strictly speaking, do you really believe that the God who made you has to pour water over your head at the church in order that you become His child, in Baptism? Really? But that's how He does it. Why? It is because of our bodily need of concrete visible signs. We are not just spirit, we are body and spirit."

Fr Yozefu - " The Healing of Families"

 Catholics who choose to weave the use of sacramentals into their daily lives can experience a richer, more textured Catholicism. For instance, one young father sprinkles holy water around the beds of his children and prays to God to protect them against nightmares, which sometimes are a problem in their house. Another mother I know uses blessed salt when she bakes bread for her family. Before setting out on a long trip, one youth group blesses its cars with holy oil for a safe journey. I myself have experienced peace during difficult times when I kissed or touched the Miraculous Medal I wear as a reminder of the loving protection of my Mother in heaven. The list of how sacramentals have affected my life and the lives of those I know goes on and on.

If you do not use sacramentals, consider looking into their use. Ann Ball's excellent "Handbook of Catholic Sacramentals" (Our Sunday Visitor) provides explanations of the history and proper use of many popular and obscure sacramentals. As Christ was the invisible God made visible, so sacramentals, like sacraments, are visible signs of His invisible grace, sanctifying daily life. In a way, they are daily restatements of the Incarnation, of God made flesh, and are dwelling among us in mysterious and wonderful ways. Regina Doman http://www.ewtn.com/library/ANSWERS/WHAT ARE.htm

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